Seniors Can Qualify for Cheap Car Insurance

 Auto Insurance For Senior CitizensNo one really likes the idea of getting old but it does have some perks in the form of cheap auto insurance for seniors.  Along with old age comes the experience of driving for many years but some insurance companies see the age factor as a disadvantage.  However, there is no need for dismay because even seniors can get their insurance rates cut if they take the time to do some research.

Easy Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

One of the simplest methods to get auto insurance companies to look upon the senior in a more favorable light is to take a specialized defensive driving course particularly aimed at seniors.  This kind of course will show that vision, hearing and reflexes are not that different from when the senior was younger.  Indeed, the course itself allows the senior to strategize when they are driving so they avoid difficulties instead of confronting them.

Some seniors’ organizations will attract discounts too so check with all insurance companies if this is a perk that they offer.  The baby boomers are all in retirement, or are approaching it, so this is a significant group that insurance companies like to capture.

Retired people tend not to use the car too much anyway so adjust the mileage allowance downwards to get some kind of discount on rates.  If the car is just to be used for shopping and entertainment in the local vicinity a couple of times a week, this should cut off a substantial amount from the insurance premium.

Safe Drivers are Less Risky

As we all know, safer drivers are better risks so avoid accidents at all costs.  Even if there are minor bumps in the car, don’t claim on the insurance so that a no claims bonus can be awarded in the coming years.  Although some people claim for just about anything, this really is false economy so think twice before claiming for minor damage.

When paying monthly for a car, the insurance companies insist upon a fully comprehensive cover just in case the vehicle is written off.  However, if the car has been paid off in full, the insurance cover does not need to be higher than the right off value of the car anymore.  Make sure to adjust this when the last payment has been made to get a discount off the premiums.  Include the theft figure in this too.

Insuring Other Drivers

Some seniors still own a car but no longer want to drive.  Gauge the insurance on who the normal driver is and not the owner of the vehicle to make some savings.  Also, as most seniors tend to have a more modern car, don’t forget to let the company know of all the safety devices built in.  This could be airbags, anti theft devices and even anti lock brakes.  All add to the safety of the car so the premiums will be lower.

Some insurance companies specialize in cheap auto insurance for seniors, and it is these companies that should be researched first of course.  Compare them side by side and choose the one that offers the best fit for the cover.

Change Carriers for Better Rates

The one bad thing about sticking with the same insurance company for years is that often, this company will just let a senior pay over the odds.  Instead, look for companies that offer special deals for new clients and move the insurance policy to them.  This could make a substantial saving just by taking up new offers and not just sitting with the same company year after year.  At the very least, this will keep insurance companies in competition with each other and this can only be good news for anyone looking for cheap car insurance.

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