Cheap Renters Insurance Is A Quote Away!

Individuals who are renting a house can benefit from an insurance policy without being home owners. Renters insurance protects those who are renting a home from a landlord or homeowner. Thinking that your landlord’s insurance will cover you is a big mistake because it is simply not true. The landlord’s insurance protects the house in case it is destroyed somehow, but if an individual is hurt on the property it is your responsibility.You can protect your belongings and your liability from purchasing renters insurance for yourself and your valuables. Many renters don’t bother getting a policy because they don’t believe they have anything of any great value. This is another mistake that is frequently made. All of your belongings added up are great in value and would be difficult to replace without the right coverage.In the long run it will benefit you and keep you and your possessions safe from any disaster.

Renters Insurance

 You can cover the cost of your valuable personal items with renters insurance. There are policies to choose from, like from that will pay a replacement cost or an Actual Cash Value (ACV). If someone were to break in and steal your belongings, you renters insurance would have that covered for you. Instead of the dollar amount of value being placed on each individual belonging in your possession, it is placed on the group of your belongings together. The more coverage you feel you need for your possessions, the more you will have to pay to protect them.

Actual Cash Value policies are more affordable than those that cover the real cost of replacing your belongings. Actual Cash Value is the depreciated worth of your belongings. A television you purchased for $1000 won’t be worth as much as your paid for in as little as a year. Actual Cash Value takes this into account. How long you have had the item is a huge factor in how much you will receive for it from your insurance. The Actual Cash Value policy has the lowest premium because you are only compensated for the depreciated value.

Under a Replacement Value policy you won’t have to worry about a depreciated value. The insurance provider will cover the complete cost of the damaged or stolen item. They will pay however much it would cost to get the same item today without dealing with a depreciating value. This type of policy costs more than an Actual Cash Value policy because you can replace your possessions without worrying about their present value.

Renter’s insurance will also cover your liability. If an individual is harmed by something on the property that you were contractually responsible for maintaining, you will be responsible for any medical expenses. This is where your insurance would kick in so you don’t have to shell out any of your hard earned money. Liability coverage always protects the policy holder. A liability policy would not have any deductibles which is always a plus for the policy holder.

Also if something happens to the house and you can no longer stay there for a period of time, your policy will cover a hotel and sometimes meal costs. This is called Loss of Use Coverage.

Before taking out a policy it is always smart to make a record of your most valuable items and their costs and serial numbers. This will prove to be important in case you are robbed or you valuables are damaged by a fire or storm. You should also take pictures of your valuables and and keep receipts somewhere safe from damage such as fire. Insurance agencies can help you with this task and can help you start your inventory of your possessions.

A Few Factors That Affect Your Renters Insurance Cost

There are various factors that can affect the cost of your renters insurance. Living in a more dangerous neighborhood can result in a more expensive premium because your home is more likely to be broken into than a safer neighborhood. Also whether you choose an Actual Cash Value policy or a Replacement Value policy will have a direct impact as well. You may also need to pay more for coverage from certain natural disasters depending on where you are living. Sometimes the basic insurance policy isn’t enough to keep you adequately covered. Typically complete coverage can be purchased for about $100 to $250 a year.  As always we would love to assist you in getting some great renters insurance coverage here at  Please feel free to fill out the form above or call us today!

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